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Question From: Marilyn B
Subject: encaustic studio setup

Kara, I am an experienced artist working solely in encaustic. We are building a studio in my back yard in urban/suburban Maryland, and I have read your posts on setting up a studio. If you have thoughts on ideal placement of ventilation, flooring, etc, I’d love to chat with you sometime about encaustic studio setup. Also, where did you get your metal table, or what did you cover what kind of table with?

Marilyn B



Thanks for writing! It’s great to hear from you.

I’m assuming that you saw these 2 articles about encaustic studio setup in my blog:

Setting up an Encaustic Painting Studio Pt 1
Setting up an Encaustic Painting Studio Pt 2

There is a link on ventilation to the R&F Paint site filled with info here: Ventilating and Encaustic Studio

The closer ventilation is to your palette, the better. Make sure the fumes don’t travel past your  nose. I keep a fan blowing from behind to sort of push the fumes away from me at all times.

As for the flooring, that is just tricky. I didn’t find a perfect solution. I used a commercial grade vinyl. Basically the wax scrapes off just fine. Using heat element or torch is tricky on any flooring to remove wax. So I just live with a sticky floor when I am working the hardest. Eventually I get down on all 4’s and scrape it off, then lightly hit it with a heat gun and use lint free rags to remove the moist wax. There is no perfect solution that I’ve figured out.

For my table, I have a friend who does metal working, he wrapped a piece of wood with stainless for me for my work surface and I use saw horses as legs. I recently found that Ikea in College Park (not in White Marsh) has Stainless desktops. Figure out a sturdy base and you’ll save a ton of money! I find that stainless is a great work surface, I just scrape off the wax after hitting it with a heat gun or torch.

Please share your pictures and your story when you’re all done! I love to share what I learn in encaustic. Nice to meet a fellow Marylander that likes to paint with encaustic.


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